Specialty Coffee Retail Price Index

To create the Specialty Coffee Retail Price Index (SCRPI), we began following a roster of 60 “blue chip” coffee roasters; those that set standards in the North American specialty coffee market. We started by focusing on roasters whose coffees receive the lion’s share of attention from Coffee Review, and those who receive many of the Good Food Awards and Roast Magazine Awards. SCRPI roasters received about 60% of the more than 1,500 coffee reviews published up to early 2014, and more than 70% of the Good Food and Roast Magazine awards during the same period.

The list was then balanced in terms of geography, with 10% coming from Canada and 42% coming from the more coffee-obsessed western United States. We also ensured that Fair Trade roasters are appropriately represented. Twenty of the original 60 SCRPI roasters were listed on the Fair Trade USA or FairTrade Canada websites in early 2014.

The following is a list of the original 60 SCRPI roasters:

Roaster Name Region Founded in Coffee Reviews Roaster Awards Fair Trade
1000 Faces CoffeeSouth2000sFewYesNo
49th Parallel Coffee RoastersCanada2000sSomeNoNo
Allegro CoffeeWest1980sManyNoYes
Alpen SierraWest1990sSomeNoNo
Ancora Coffee RoastersMidwest1990sSomeNoNo
Armeno CoffeeNortheast1990sSomeNoYes
Barefoot Coffee RoastersWest2000sSomeNoNo
Barnie's Coffee & TeaSouth1980sSomeNoYes
Barrington Coffee Roasting Co.Northeast1990sSomeYesNo
Batdorf & BronsonWest1980sManyNoYes
Beansmith CoffeeCanada2010sFewNoNo
Bird Rock Coffee RoastersWest2000sSomeYesYes
Blue Bottle CoffeeWest2000sSomeYesNo
Bucks County CoffeeNortheast1980sSomeNoNo
Caribou CoffeeMidwest1990sSomeNoNo
Ceremony Coffee RoastersSouth2010sSomeNoNo
Coffee MastersMidwest1980sSomeNoNo
Conscious CoffeeWest1990sSomeYesNo
Counter Culture CoffeeSouth1990sManyYesNo
CQ Coffee RoastersNortheast2010sSomeNoNo
Cuvee Coffee RoastingSouth1990sFewYesNo
De La Paz CoffeeWest2000sFewYesNo
Equator Estate Coffees & TeasWest1990sSomeYesNo
Evans Brothers Coffee RoastersWest2000sFewYesNo
Flying Goat CoffeeWest1990sSomeYesNo
Fratello Coffee RoastersCanada2010sSomeNoYes
Gimme! CoffeeNortheast2000sFewYesYes
Green Mountain Coffee RoastersNortheast1980sManyNoYes
Heart Coffee RoastersWest2000sFewYesNo
Intelligentsia CoffeeMidwest1990sManyYesNo
Johnson Brothers Coffee RoastersMidwest1990sSomeNoNo
Kean CoffeeWest2000sSomeNoNo
Kickapoo CoffeeMidwest2000sSomeYesNo
Klatch CoffeeWest1990sManyYesYes
Las Chicas Del CafeCanada2000sSomeNoNo
Martinez Fine CoffeesSouth1980sSomeNoNo
Metropolis CoffeeMidwest2000sFewYesYes
Neighbors CoffeeSouthOlderSomeNoNo
Noble Coffee RoastingWest2000sFewYesNo
Olympia Coffee RoastingWest2000sSomeYesNo
Origins Coffee RoasterieCanada1990sFewNoNo
Orleans CoffeeSouth1980sSomeNoYes
Panther CoffeeSouth2010sFewYesNo
Paradise RoastersMidwest2000sManyNoNo
Peet's Coffee & TeaWestOlderSomeNoNo
Portland RoastingWest1990sSomeYesNo
PT's Coffee Roasting Co.Midwest1990sManyYesNo
Reunion Island CoffeeCanada1990sSomeNoYes
Stone Cup RoastingSouth1990sSomeNoYes
Stumptown Coffee RoastersWest1990sSomeYesYes
Supreme Bean Coffee RoastersWest1990sSomeNoYes
Temple Coffee and TeaWest2000sSomeNoYes
Terroir CoffeeNortheast2000sSomeYesNo
Thanksgiving CoffeeWestOlderSomeNoYes
The RoasterieMidwest1990sManyNoYes
Uncommon GroundsNortheast1990sSomeNoNo
Victrola Coffee RoastersWest2000sSomeNoNo
Willoughby's Coffee & TeaNortheast1980sSomeNoYes
Zoka Coffee RoastersWest1990sSomeYesYes